Saturday, November 19, 2011

So much to do . . .

Just back from teaching a great group of girls at the Sunnyside branch of the Ottawa Public Library - eleven in total - would have been 12 kids except the boy who poked his head in skeedadled after one look at all those girls. Give him a few years and he'll realize the advantages.

I spent the morning working on reviewing the edits from Allister for Second Chances and I've poured myself a glass of Sandbanks white and am about to get back at it. I have a long way to go. You might find it odd for me to be editing text 10 months before release date, but there's a tight deadline process that kicks in. I try not to be the hold up and never have been to date. I'm keen to start a new project, but seem to have spent the last month editing the latest manuscript and now this one. It'll probably be January before I get into a new book. I have a plot taking shape in my head already.

So just leading the charge on organizing Capital Crime Writers' Christmas dinner on Dec. 14th and figuring out how to post on their new website - looks like I'm going to become webmaster - who knew I'd be the one with the most experience? Almost flies in the face of reason, which is where my technical ability tends to take wing. Just ask Ted. He gives me lessons in using the VCR and setting the clocks and then . . . just does it himself. I have the head nodding / uncomprenhending blank stare down to a science . . . but enough about my failings.

Oh yes, you must check out the Capital Crime Writers' Youtube video of A Day to Kill event - just search for the organization on the site and it will pop up. Patrick Walton did a great job.

The girls in my workshop today said that it doesn't feel close to Christmas without any snow. I've managed to sneak in some gift shopping already and bought some cards. I'm starting to feel the spirit even without any snow and temperatures in the teens. Christmas party, anyone?! It's been a busy, workaholic kind of fall so soon time to kick up the heels and celebrate another year, but for now . . . back to editing - just 240 pages to go before I'm done.

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