Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keep On Keeping On

Thought you might like to see the upcoming book cover if you haven't already. It's an older teen book slated for release in September 2012, so this gives an idea of how far ahead publishers plan. I think adults who've lived through the 70's and the Viet Nam era will also find the book interesting- lots music and historical tidbits incorporated into the storyline, which I thought at one time might be an adult book. The line between adult and older teen fiction can be thin to nonexistant and I think this story comes close.

Well, I hit the 'what was I thinking: fling manuscript into the garbage' wall on the latest adult manuscript, and have sought an outside opinion from my previous publisher, who is now in acquisitions for Dundurn. She's going to read the first 25 pages to let me know if the book has legs. I thought about shelving it and starting over this week, but am not sure if this is manuscript fatigue or valid self-doubt. I'm hoping to get honest direction. I've spent the better part of a year on this one - still a ways to go though and I'm not keen to keep going with it if I should cut my losses and start a new project. This creative process can be wearing.

Another author pointed out today that In Winter's Grip is on the eligibility list for the Giller book prize and people can vote for their choices at
There are about 50 books on this list and it will be whittled down to a long list of about 10, based on votes. Thanks to everyone who takes a minute to vote - How cool would that be to make the Giller long list!

The summer heat continues but I've begun seriously trying to get in shape for the upcoming curling season. I'm on two teams: a ladies team as skip and a team with three men as lead. The more leg and arm muscle you have, the better you can perform so I'm trying to maintain three good workouts a week. Being in shape also helps you to stay awake for the drinking part after the game, some might argue the real point of the sport at club level. It's interesting to watch (with emphasis on watch) the intensive training schedule of my daughter Lisa, who curls on the Rachel Homan rink at a seriously more competitive level than my teams. They won Ontario last year and made the playoffs at the Scotties in Charlottetown. They should have an exciting season ahead, beginning in September. By then, I'll probably have forgotten all about my own training schedule except for the bit about staying awake after the games long enough to down a pint.

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