Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let the Summertime Begin

I've been a book reader all my life. I can remember going to the little library in Terrace Bay with my mother when I was still reading picture books and searching for my favourite series, Pookie the Flying Rabbit. So, this poster in the Vancouver Library brought a smile as it likely does with all of us who love libraries and the anticipation of a new book in our hands.

Writing is going slowly this week, but I'm plugging away on a scene, not sure if it is falling together or not. I read an interesting blog post by Colorado agent Rachelle Gardner who says most good authors arrive at that point in a manuscript where they question their ability and think their work is crap. She says when you stop questioning yourself, you stop growing. Well, I think I can safely say I'm getting plumper every time out:-) Here is the link:

Scottish author Nigel Bird asked me to come up with 10 questions and 10 responses for his blog "Dancing With Myself" - a self-interview if you will. I first checked out his blog and saw that the other interviews were light in tone and aiming for humour. I liked the challenge. You can find my interview at:

So, summer solstice this week and a gorgeous week in Ottawa it is and has been. My sister is here for the weekend from Thunder Bay and we are heading to the Byward Market and Art Gallery for the afternoon. And along with the summer, Ted started a new outdoor project. He's begun refinishing the gable end and then plans to tackle the fence and deck in the back yard. I believe this will call for weekly updates - I'll start a pool for those of you who would like to put money on how far he'll get before winter sets in. Will the lure of the golf course win out?

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