Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tiny Tim Forgive Me

I can't say enough about how beautiful Ottawa is this time of year. This photo is taken behind the Parliament Buildings at Major's Hill Park where the Tulip Festival is held. The flowers were at their peak and a spectacular sight.

Writing lagged a bit this week because life got busy. Wednesday evening, I went to Capital Crime Writers hoping to hear Tim Wynne-Jones speak about manuscript editing, but he was under the weather, and so I ended up on an impromptu panel talking about editing and book launching - fun in any event and the good news is that Tim is better and he sent me his speaking notes afterward, which are a minefield of information. Tim is an excellent writer and a generous person to boot - writing really has afforded me the opportunity to meet some lovely people.

So lovely, people, I hope to see you tomorrow at the Clocktower Pub on Bank between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. for the triple launch. The beer will be plentiful and the conversation sparkling. Launches are the time to step back and celebrate the year of hard work that goes into each book, and what better way than with family, friends and new friends! Kind of like a birthday party with beer and no cake.

Friday afternoon will find me in a Grade 7/8 class at Joan of Arc Academy, an all-girls' school in the west end. With working full time, I only manage a couple of school visits a year, but always enjoy talking with kids about writing. They help refuel the writing spirit.

Today is my annual pedicure morning with my friend Sue. Our feet get a buffing and hot wax treatment that I have to say is frankly wonderful. Then, a little polish for those moments when . . . you know it's coming . . . you want to tiptoe through the . . . (was that a groan?) . . . and I'll leave it there.

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  1. Can’t pamper out feet to much can we? I hope to feel the excitement of a lunch party one day, until then I’ll enjoy everyday I have on this beautiful planet.