Saturday, January 5, 2019

Getting Organized in January

So 2019 is well underway ... well a few days in anyway. Have you made any resolutions? I've made the same one I make every year - be open to new adventures and have some fun. Be kind. Keep writing.

I sent in my latest manuscript to Dundurn, managing to complete a third edit before submitting on January 30th, and am officially on vacation for a week.   I say this, but I've spent the last two afternoons working on publicity planning for Turning Secrets and lining up an event at the Carlingwood Library.  I also intend to work on my tax deductions before I start writing again. I'd add cleaning my office but know I likely won't get too far with that. I've shuffled some papers around though.

In this little hiatus, I've managed some Netflix time. Ted and I are watching the third season of Shetland and enjoying the storyline and Shetland scenery. I've  caught an episode of Hinterland and will continue on. I'm also reading Ian Rankin's latest In a House of Lies, which showed up in my Christmas stocking. So far so good.

My next writing project is the final Anna Sweet novella. I plan to reread the series before I begin to refresh my memory and figure out what needs tying up. You'd be surprised how much authors forget about books they've written. I'm always looking back or making searches to find out what colour eyes I gave a character or what car they drive. Writing a book is a mysterious process alright. I'm using this time to come up with storylines. I have one that I'm rolling around in my head but it needs fleshing out and I'm going to need another idea to anchor the book. Next week's work!

A quick post today. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fulfilling 2019 with many new adventures. We have a new year ahead with endless possibilities ....

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  1. My family and I love your books especially since I lived in Ottawa and since some members of our family work in law enforcement. They are riveting and I gift them to others!