Saturday, June 3, 2017

Settling into June

Good Saturday morning.

My news to start off the day: I'll be at Chapters Kanata today from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. signing the Stonechild and Rouleau series as part of the store's early July 1st celebration - come by and check it out. The store has a great selection of books and the staff is terrific. This will be my third visit this year!

A productive writing week. I fell into a routine, writing every morning into mid-afternoon. I worked on a couple of main idea paragraphs for the workbook adult literacy project and will have the environment unit done in the upcoming week. I also hit 37,000 words in the latest Stonechild manuscript. Coming along.

The Dundurn designer Laura Boyle was in touch this week to get my ideas for the next cover. With the title Bleeding Darkness, I'm picturing something moody. This book has that Hitchcock suspense which I hope will get some reader nail-biting going on, so I'd like the cover to capture something of the darkness and tension. I love seeing the cover concept for the first time - never gets old.

Bleeding Darkness will be released in May 2018, but its already available for pre-order on Amazon and looks like it's made some sales. The cover blurb gives an idea of the plot although there's a lot more to this one than captured in the synopsis. I'm excited for this book to make it to readers. Here's the cover blurb:

David McKenna lies dying in a Kingston hospital, his children gathered from across the country to say a final goodbye. But the family reunion opens old wounds. David’s only daughter, Lauren, never recovered from the unsolved murder of her high school best friend Zoe Delgado fourteen years earlier — or the suspicion that her brother, Tristan, was behind it. 

Before David breathes his last, Tristan’s pregnant wife, Vivian, disappears and the Major Crimes Unit is called in to help find her. With Kala Stonechild stuggling to reconnect with her foster niece, and Woodhouse making trouble for Staff Sergeant Jacques Rouleau, tensions are running high on the team, but they must put their personal problems aside when a woman's strangled body is found frozen on the Rideau Trail.

With a winter storm sweeping the shores of Lake Ontario, the team uncovers unspeakable betrayals that give more than one suspect a reason to kill … and raise fears that the two killings were only the beginning …

 I also asked about the release date for the Cold Mourning and Butterfly Kills audio books when I was at Dundurn last week, and they are still in the editing phase. These books are two of the first being made into audio books and the editing process is taking longer than anticipated.

So, settling in to researching and writing this first week of June. The rainy, cool weather has helped keep me inside at my computer although I managed to make use of two good days last weekend to get some planting done. I'm hoping to finish up tomorrow with one last trip to the Parkdale Market, but more rain is on the way. Hard to believe it's June and I'm still wearing my fall/winter coat the odd evening and we're turning on the furnace in the mornings to take off the chill.

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