Saturday, June 28, 2014

Canada Day Weekend in Ottawa

We are having a fabulous stretch of weather, I have to say. Aside from twenty-four hours of torrential rain on Tuesday, sun, heat and low humidex have been the order of the day. It is going to start getting sticky today but I'll spend a lot of the weekend inside with the air conditioning writing so no problem here.

My editor at Dundurn and the acquisitions editor have been getting ready to pitch my third Stonechild and Rouleau to the editorial committee to see if they will publish it. This involved me writing a detailed chapter-by-chaper outline and a two-page synopsis and sending along the opening chapters, which I had to give an edit before submitting. So this has taken away from my work on the manuscript but has also been beneficial as I review the plot and get a bird's eye view of the storyline and characters. I'm now writing the section leading into the climax of the book and am aiming to have this close to complete by Canada Day. Almost at the finish line . . . . Of course, then comes the editing and fact checking to make sure all my clues add up.

I've been invited to some book events in the upcoming months. At the end of July, I'll be visiting my first book club to talk about Cold Mourning and the series. Capital Crime Writers is lining up some author Saturdays in Perth in August. The Ottawa Public Library asked me to take part in a Kids Lit Cafe on October 25 to talk about Second Chances and meet some readers. I'm done going to book conferences for this year but will look at a few next year with the release of Butterfly Kills. I have an invitation to some libraries in Florida along with Mary Jane Maffini and Barbara Fradkin in the spring, but have to wait to see if this firms up. I'm also lining up to go to Malice Domestic, which takes place around Washington in May, I believe.

But, for now, we are focusing on our daughter's wedding, which is three weeks from today. The shower went beautifully last Saturday with perfect weather and Ted's completed deck. Here's a view from the steps as the party got underway.

And my beautiful daughters, Lisa and Julia.
The moments in life that you need to step back and celebrate.
Later today, after I get in my day's writing, Ted and I will wander into Westboro Village for supper and perhaps gelato. We might find a pub playing music and linger a while longer. This is the Canada Day weekend so lots is going on in the city. Time to get this summer party started!


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