Saturday, February 16, 2013

Good Things Grow

Something of a productive week. I surpassed the 60,000-word mark on my latest manuscript, and so far, it's coming together. I'm heading into the final climb to the climax and resolution. Endings can be as tough as the middle section. There is a temptation to explain how everything happened, which is not the best way to tie the plot together, in my view. I wrote a cover blurb for this one even though it's not complete. The editor is going to pitch the story to the editorial board, maybe as early as next week. It would be wonderful to finish it knowing that it was lined up for publication.

I saw the cover design for My Sister's Keeper, coming out this fall from Grass Roots Press and like it a lot. It's very different from any of my other covers thus far. I also finished the cover blurb for this one a few months back. My next project is to write the sequel and I have a contract for this one already!

So, lots happening on the writing front.

And, the Awesome Author contest short stories arrived electronically a couple of days ago - all 200 or so - but this isn't the entire lot. The hard copy entries have yet to be scanned and those will be arriving shortly. Three age categories from ages 9-17. Lots of reading ahead. Luckily, I can take the stories with me on my laptop as I set out to watch a whole lot of good curling in Kingston. It's Scotties week and curling fever has hit Ottawa clubs. Not only are the women's Nationals a two-hour drive, but Ontario is represented by Ottawa's Team Homan with our daughter Lisa at lead.

It also is fortuitous that the manuscript I'm working on is set in Kingston so this is a great opportunity to take more photos and to soak up the atmosphere. I'm certain we'll go back to the bar I've already scoped out for the book. It would be great to tour the Police Headquarters, but that is likely difficult to line up. I was turned down by the Ottawa Police. Luckily, I have found a retired police officer named Damien Coakley, who read the manuscript and corrected some of my faux pas. He gave me some great insights and feedback.

So writing, reading, judging and curling this week in amongst the socializing and kicking up of the heels in the Heart Stop Lounge. These curling events have bands playing every evening and a week-long party.  Curling fans come from across the country to cheer on their province. It's a great time if you have a chance to take in a Scotties or Brier.

Go Ontariooooooooo!!

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