Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Bookshop Kind of Saturday

Life has been busy. We spent a thrilling weekend in Gananoque watching our daughter Lisa and her curling team skipped by Rachel Homan, advance to ladies provincials in Toronto at the end of January. No mean feat. This was capped off last weekend by a favourable review of In Winter's Grip in the Globe and Mail. Reviewer Margaret Cannon is the top reviewer of crime fiction in Canada, so a nod from her is an excellent thing. You can still read the review if you go to and look for the 'new in crime fiction' link. The Globe liked my book cover (thanks to Emma for the design) and used it in three places.

This morning, I am getting ready to head out with Chris Forrest to two book signings at the Orleans and Barrhaven Book Stops - two of the few remaining independent bookshops in Ottawa. I know some friends will be dropping by and hope to see as many as can make it - I believe we have to support the independents - I can't imagine losing the charm of a ramble through a bookstore on a snowy winter day.

The final edits on The Second Wife are done and it is due on March 1st - seems so close now. I've also been working with my publisher on the cover for Second Chances, the YA book due out in the fall. Emma has come up with another good cover design but it is yet to be finalized. I just wrote a blurb for the cover that needs some tinkering, but the base is there. Wa hoo - it's a lot like giving birth . . . only less painful and no night feedings.

This could be a busy year ahead.

Finally, I've completed the first draft of a sequel to The Second Wife that I'll be fussing with tomorrow before I run it by a few readers. I loosely based the storyline on a true crime event in Toronto that I heard about a number of years ago. It sends shivers up my spine even now.

Well, time for some breakfast, a second cup of coffee and then off to the first bookstore. I hope you can come by. We are at the Orleans Bookstop (1224 Place D'Orleans Drive) from 11-12:30 and the Barrhaven Bookstop (1 Jockvale Rd.) from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

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